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At Decos we believe in two things. In the future, information will be available to everyone instantly at almost no cost; and robots will be part of our every day lives.

My tasks, as a full stack engineer, range from frontend:

  • Developing code for the robots (ROS and Android)
  • Real time dashboards (React with Redux and Sagas)

To backend:

  • Cloud Server (Nodejs using the opensource framework Feathers)
  • Integrations with several platforms like visitor registration sysments, Skype for Business, SMS and email messaging.

We also use state of the art technologies, such as continuous delivery and deployment, containers, automated testing and Load Balancing using Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. We also use SCRUM and Agile development to make our team more productive and deliver value as quickly as possible to our clients.

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Our team is currently focused on developing two robot platforms:

ECO (Doorman) Pepper (Receptionist)

Both currently work full-time inside our office, and are treated as coleagues by everyone that works at Decos.